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Things you should know about HPV testing!

What is cervical cancer?



How does medical examination work? Effective medical examination could make sense.

Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu provides professional services of medical examination. The medical examination department has formulated a set of health examination items according to different age groups and different groups of people, and carried out health examinations with significance of disease prevention and clinical management based on the comprehensive medical advantages of the hospital. To provide a comprehensive basis for further in-depth examination or specialized examination.



Why is gastric cancer always terminal once discovered? Five signs of gastritis developing to gastric cancer

● Above 80% of early gastric cancer appeared no obvious symptoms. ● Above 90% of gastric cancer patients were of intermediate and late stage. ● The current diagnosis and treatment rate of early gastric cancer was less than 10%.



Pain in My Back: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong Everyday

What could be causing your back pain?



Have All These Done in your Daily Trips Under the Epidemic?

​COVID-19 is still spreading throughout the world, and we are also running around every day for work and purchasing necessities. How do we ensure safety when running around? Go out with the following suggestions!