Clinical Pharmacy

Chengdu Gleneagles hospital clinical pharmacy team fully ensure the privacy of patients in attendance outpatient medical advisory services, in the space by the senior clinical pharmacists for patients to provide specialized medical consultation to reduce a patient's risk of repeated drug use, or drug interactions lead to potential damage, clinical pharmacists to drugs in patients with early admission reforming, through detailed inquiries medication history and always possible adverse drug reactions, collect and organize own medicine health food supplements in patients with Chinese medicine prescription information, such as further evaluate drug safety and consistency, early reference was provided for the drug therapy of hospitalization and the suggestion. In addition, we carried out one-to-one medication education for inpatients with medication, and clarified the storage conditions and follow-up time of drugs for attention, which increased the medication compliance and safety of patients. In view of any doubt about medication in any link between patients and medical staff, clinical pharmacists also provided clinical ward rounds and pharmaceutical consultation services.

The clinical pharmacy team of Chengdu Gleneagles hospital runs the service concept of “patient centered” throughout the pharmaceutical care, forming a multidisciplinary clinical treatment team of medicine, nursing and medicine to focus on patient’s individual treatment needs, to provide with a reasonable, safe and evidence-based medicine and pharmaceutical drug treatment program.