Inpatient Pharmacy

The total area of the inpatient pharmacy is about 350 square meters. There are 5 pharmaceutical professionals, including 1 senior plus 4 pharmacists, who mainly provide drug supply guarantee for inpatients needs. Their responsibilities includes comprehensive review of inpatient orders, such as drug allergy, clinical diagnosis and medication compliance, drug usage and its dosage, drug interaction and incompatibility, etc. Standardized management of drug is also the key work of the inpatient pharmacy, like the management of special drugs according to laws and regulations, with color code for different level or type drugs. The management of near term drugs, confusable drug, high alert drug, and so on. In addition, we also use intelligent medicine cabinet to provide 7x24 hours safe, efficient and convenient drug supply services for all patient areas and operating rooms, so as to realize the distributed management of drugs throughout the hospital. We introduced a single dose oral drug packaging machine, which implemented the barcode system to control, not only convenient for patients to carry and take, butalso to ensure the safety of drug dispensing.