Dispensary for Western Medicine 

The outpatient pharmacy undertakes the dispensing work of the hospital door and emergency medicine. With a total area of about 200 square meters, it had 2 senior pharmacist and 4 pharmacists, providing bilingual pharmaceutical care. The outpatient pharmacy adopts open counter service mode to communicate with patients face to face. At the same time, we also set up medication consultation window and medication consultation room, and experienced clinical pharmacists provide more complicated pharmaceutic care for patients. With the assistance of rational drug use software, outpatient pharmacist can conduct pre-check on prescriptions based on the patient’s medication situation and pathophysiological status, so as to further guarantee the patient’s medication safety from the perspective of professional technology. In terms of drug dispensing, outpatient pharmacy has phamacy-ivy20191013developed a mobile scanning code dispensing efficiency, but also ensure the accuracy.

In addition, Chengdu Gleneagles hospital adopts pneumatic logistics transmission system, which can directly transfer drugs and prescriptions to Wards or other department, reducing the waiting time of patients and nurses. We also have a 24hrs cold chain monitoring system, which provides all-weather real-time monitoring of all refrigerated medications to ensure stable and controllable quality of medications.