Medical Laboratory

Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital, clinical experimental medicine center is a comprehensive, modern and high-level clinical medicine laboratory, which set lab, pathology and blood transfusion in one, and established according to the domestic first-class large scale requirements.

The center has a high-level team with famous experts in domestic experimental medicine as the academic leaders, including 2 doctors, 13 technicians, 1 of them had doctorate degree and I of them had master degree; and rest of the others possessed Bachelor degree. Among them there are 1 professor, 2 associate professor, and senior technician 3, which joined from those large-comprehensive-first level hospital to us. All of professional in team have more than 15 year of work experience in clinical laboratory, pathology and blood transfusion technology.

The center has nearly 40 million yuan worth of clinical lab test, and inspection equipment, covering clinical fluid inspection, hematology, cell pathology examination, histopathological examination of clinical biochemistry inspection, immunology of clinical microbiology test, genetic diagnosis, flow cytometry diagnosis, blood type identification and matching, clinical blood supply and transfusion management, etc. other inspection pathological blood transfusion to the field of subjects, to carry out more than 500 kinds of inspection and test items.

Center with a special focus on modern medical laboratory quality and capacity building, from the design phase of the construction of the start according to the China national standard GB/T22576, ISO15189 , international standards and requirements for CAP to elaborate design planning. Under the guidance of the headquarters, Parkway medical group, in Singapore, to quickly establish and operate the quality management system of international modern medical laboratory, to participate in China's ministry of health clinical inspection center and pathological institute of blood transfusion, on pathology examination between laboratory quality control activities of the project, adhere to the specification of the laboratory internal quality control measures. To provide high quality and High-efficient clinical specimen testing and examination services help improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment, and escort the physical examination and health care for patients who will recover soon.