The section of rhinology of Chengdu Gleneagles hospital mainly uses medication, surgery and physical methods to maintain and develop the normal shape and function of the nose and respiratory system for the diagnosis of physiology and pathology.

Rhinology medical team

Gleneagles Chengdu hospital medical team of nasal section to provide specialized diagnosis and treatment. We have a number of experienced doctors and high-end examination and surgical equipment, to provide children and adults with a full range of nasal disease prevention, diagnosis, minimally invasive surgery and other diagnosis and treatment services.

Treatment of Disease or symptom

         l Rhinitis

         l Rhinosinusitis

         l Nasal allergy

         l Rhinopolyp

         l Epistaxis (nosebleed)

         l Deviation of nasal septum

         l Nasal obstruction (rhinbyon)

         l Rhinalgia

         l Rhinogenic headache

         l Olfactory decline

         l Runny nose

         l Pus snot

         l A cough caused by a runny nose

*This is not a complete list of all the conditions and treatments we treat. The above information is for reference only and is not considered medical advice. Please consult our professional physician for an accurate diagnosis before receiving any treatment.