Gynecology is the diagnosis and treatment of women's gynecological diseases of the professional department, gynecological diseases including: the disease of the female reproductive system is gynecological diseases, as well as vulva disease, vaginal disease, uterine disease, oviduct disease, ovarian disease.

Gynecological Team

Gleneagles Chengdu hospital of department of gynecology medical team from the women's health care for all women health care to consummate minimally invasive treatment technology. Chengdu Gleneagles hospital provides a full range of international standardization gynecological disease diagnosis and treatment services whether adolescent childbearing age women or menopausal women, our team of department of gynecology can provide you with safe and reliable medical services and advice, for your escort we also provide a series of reproductive health consultation, such as contraceptive advice, if you and your family are for pregnancy, our professional team will provide you with various inspection for pregnant consulting fertility. For the common problems of menopausal women, we will provide you with menopausal symptoms management to help you better control a series of physiological and psychological reactions caused by changes in hormone levels. We will cooperate with other departments to provide you with a comprehensive one-stop women's health plan service to become your health partner.

Symptom of treatment

         · Gynecological infections

         · Sexually transmitted infection

         · treatment of menstrual disorders

         · Menopausal health

         · adolescent health

         · Myoma of uterus

         ·  Endometrriosis

         · Ovarain cyst

         · Abnormal uterine bleeding

         · Cervical disease

         · Uterine scar diverticulum

         · Ectopic Gestation

         · Gynecological endocrine disorder

         · Menopause health care

*This is not a complete list of all the conditions and treatments we treat. The above information is for reference only and is not considered medical advice. Please consult our professional physician for an accurate diagnosis before receiving any treatment.

 What examination and treatment we are provided

         · Women’s annual health check-up

         · Cervical cancer screening

         · preconception counseling

         · Mammogram/breast Exam

         · Gynecologic surgery of benign neoplasm

         · Colposcopy

         · Endometrial biopsy

         · Cervical circumcision (LEEP)

         · Tubal ligation

         · Laparoscope/hysteroscopy