Orthopedics is specialized in the study of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the musculoskeletal system, the use of drug surgery and physical methods to maintain and develop the normal form and function of this system, and the treatment of injuries and injuries of this system osteology, also known as orthopedic surgery.

Orthopaedic medical team

Gleneagles Chengdu hospital orthopedic surgeons has rich clinical experience, the hospital is equipped with advanced video diagnostic equipment, ambulatory surgery center and professional rehabilitation facilities, to provide sports enthusiast office workers and other people from prevention and diagnosis of surgical treatment for physical therapy, rehabilitation pain management, and all-round personalized service. We pay special attention to nutrition and fitness professional service efficiency of medical technology and patient care, and will dutifully always accompany beside the patient, until the recovery.

Symptoms of treatment

       l Achilles tendinitis

       l Arthritis

       l Cartilage injury

       l Diabetic foot

       l Dislocation

       l Foot pain (plantar fasciitis)

       l Fracture

       l Gout (arthrolithiasis)

       l Sprain

       l Myotenositis


       l dislocation

       l Golf elbow

       l Tennis elbow

Hands and wrists

       l Carpal tunnel syndrome

       l Tenosynovitis if wrist (painful wrist disease)

       l Ganglion cyst

       l Cheirarthritis

       l Hand fracture

       l Hand trauma

       l Snapping finger

       l Wrist ligament injury


       l Coxitis (hip arthritis if the hip)

       l Hip Bursitis

       l Fracture of hip joint)

       l Low back pain

       l Osteonecrosis

       l Ringing hip syndrome


       l Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury

       l Anterior knee pain (runner's knee)/patellomalacia (CMP)

       l Knee Arthritis

       l Knee bursitis

       l Knee pain (Patellofemoral joint)

       l Lateral collateral ligament(LCL) injury

       l Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury

       l Meniscus tear/X leg

       l Tibial tuberosteitis

       l Osteoarthritis/locked knee

       l Patella tendinitis (jumper's knee)

       l Posterior cruciate ligament(PCL) injury

Children's bone

       l Bowleg(knee varus)

       l Talipes equinovarus

       l Dysplasia of hip joint

       l Greenstick fracture

       l Growing pain

       l Cervical dystonia


       l Rotator cuff tear

       l Periarthritis of shoulder

       l Rotator cuff injury

       l Shoulder dislocation (Chronic)

       l Shoulder instability

       l Omarthritis


       l Degenerative diseases of the spine

       l Lumbar spinal stenosis

       l Cervicodynia (neck pain)

       l Nerve decompression

       l Sciatica

       l Scoliosis

       l Protrude intervertebral Disc

       l Spondylolysis

Sport injury

       l Sports injuries-Lower extremities ( hips, knees, feet and ankles)

       l Sports injuries-Upper limbs (shoulders, elbow, hand and wrist)

*This is not a complete list of all the conditions and treatments we treat. The above information is for reference only and is not considered medical advice. Please consult our professional physician for an accurate diagnosis before receiving any treatment.

We provide examinations and treatments

       l Computed tomography (CT)

       l Ultrasonic diagnosis

       l Dual-energy X-ray bone density measurement (DXA)

       l Electromyography (EMG)

       l Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

       l Magnetic resonance arthrography

       l Positron emission tomography (PET)