Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardiovascular Medicine is a branch of Internal Medicine and especially involves in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiac failure, arrhythmia, hyperlipidemia (HLP) and arteriosclerosis.

The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine in Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital attaches great importance to the prevention and management of various common cardiovascular diseases. It provides outpatient service, wards, emergency rooms, cardiac function rooms, etc., and has advanced central monitoring system, monitoring system of treadmill exercise testing, exercise BP monitor, dynamic electrocardiogram, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, multi-function defibrillator and other equipment. International and advanced concepts on diagnosis, treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases have been introduced for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and effective guidance of diseases. Besides, a complete cardiovascular management system has been established to increase the overall survival and improve the quality of life.

Medical Team of Cardiovascular Medicine

In Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital, the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine has an international leading medical team, which can diagnose and treat various cardiovascular diseases. It is highly responsible and empathetic, and moreover, it maintains an international disease management concept to provide patients with delicate and individualized services as well as more comprehensive and systematic evaluation and management. In addition, a nursing team is equipped to provide excellent nursing service, which embodies Singapore concept as well as the integrated nursing standard of Parkway Pantai Group to ensure the safety of clinical care.

Diseases We Treat

lHypertension and its complications

lCoronary heart disease


lHeart failure

lMyocardial disease


lPericardial disease

lCardiogenic shock

lSudden cardiac death

lInfectious endocarditis

lVenous thrombosis of lower limbs


lPulmonary arterial hypertension



* The above does not list all the diseases we treat and treatment we provide. The information above is for reference only and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with our professional doctors to obtain accurate diagnosis before receiving any treatment.

Examination and Treatment We Offer

lElectrocardiogram (ECG)

lDynamic cardiogram (DCG)

lAmbulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)

lTreadmill exercise testing (TET)

lCardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

lUnsynchronized defibrillation

lSynchronized electrical cardioversion


lExternal pacemaker