TCM refers to a medical specialty dealing with treatment in relation to internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, health care, disease prevention and progression control by TCM methods, such as oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tui Na (a Chinese manipulative therapy), scraping, cupping, blood-letting puncture and fumigation treatment. TCM is mainly used to treat pain in soft tissues and related diseases, common respiratory and digestive diseases for adults and in pediatrics. Traditional medicine is advantageous of improving human body's disease resistance, healing power and immunity, but it is weak in etiological and allopathic treatment. Clinical diseases are various, so it is necessary to cooperate with multidisciplinary medical teams of modern medicine to best benefit patients and give them optimal diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Team of TCM Department

The medical team of TCM Department in Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital includes senior TCM experts, which can provide accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment for patients with rich experience in clinic and exquisite medical skills. The team is equipped with many senior therapists who have received standardized training on TCM practices to provide professional and high-standard medical services for patients.

Diseases We Treat

       lPain in soft tissues over the whole body

       lDifficult and complicated cases in internal medicine related to pain in soft tissues


       lAllergic asthma

       lChronic gastritis

       lNonorganic sleep disorders

       lSusceptible constitution of children (low immunity)

       lGrowth retardation in children

       lHabitual constipation in children

       lAnorexia in children

       lSleep disorders in children (night cry)





       lTCM cosmetology & internal regulation


       lProstatic hyperplasia

       lRelated diseases in andrology

* The above does not list all the diseases we treat and treatments we provide. The information above is for reference only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult with our professional doctors to obtain accurate diagnosis plan before receiving any treatment.

Examination and Treatment We Offer

       lFour diagnostic methods of TCM (inspection, auscultation and olfaction, enquiring and palpation)

       lTCM constitution identification

       lTCM abdominal examination

       lTui Na for soft tissue injuries of adults

       lTui Na for adults in gynecology

       lTui Na for adults in internal medicine

       lTui Na for children





       lBlood-letting puncture

       lHerbal fumigation

       lSilver needle therapy