With the development of the age, the scientific examination of human beings is increasingly comprehensive and systematic, and the psychological and social factors are gaining influence on human diseases. Increasing studies have confirmed that the level of mental health directly affects the physical health. Long-term negative emotions will influence neuroendocrine activity, which leads to organic diseases on most organs from skin to bone. A growing number of diseases have been discovered but cannot be treated and studied simply by biology. Advances in diagnosis tests, drugs and technologies have helped human beings become healthier. But drugs are not the guarantee for enduring health. A large number of patients need comprehensive and systematic diagnosis and treatment from the aspects of biology, psychology and society to gain maximal benefits.

Medical Team of Psychology Department

The Psychology Department of  Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital is committed to improving living quality of patients. Our doctors in this medical team have rich and professional experience. We can provide all-round psychological counseling, psychological assessment and treatment for individuals, families and groups, and help you solve many common psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, emotional disorder and adjustment disorder. What is more, our psychological education and psychodiagnostic tests can help you or your family find the root of the problem more accurately and help you regain mental health. When a crisis occurs, well-trained psychological experts will always be your firm support and provide you with psychological management services for overcoming crises and emergencies.

Diseases We Treat


         lAnxiety disorder



         lObsessive-compulsive disorder


         lSocial dysfunction

         lSomatoform disorder

         lSenile dementia

         lEating disorder

         lSubstance dependence


         lTic disorder in children

         lMental and psychological disorder caused by other physical diseases

* The above does not list all the diseases we treat and treatment we provide. The information above is for reference only and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with our professional doctors to obtain accurate diagnosis before receiving any treatment.

Examination and Treatment We Offer

         lPsychological assessment

         lPsychological counseling (individual and group)

         lPsychotherapy (individual and group)

         lAntidepressant drug therapy

         lAnti-anxiety drug therapy

         lOther treatments