Ophthalmology is the study of disease that occur in the visual system, including the eye and the associated tissues. Ophthalmology studies vitreous disease, retina diseases, optometry, glaucoma, optic neuropathy, cataract and other ophthalmic diseases. Common eye disease are: central serous retinopathy, dry eyes, sympathetic ophthalmia, night blindness, blindness, amblyopia and astigmatism, conjunctivitis, trachoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, presbyopia, color blindness, heterochromia iridum, retinitis pigmentosa, central retinal artery obstruction, retinal detachment, myopia, hyperopia, inflammation of edge eye, sty (Eyelid infection), snow blindness, tarsal cyst, glaucoma, floaters, etc.

Medical Team

Chengdu Gleneagles hospital ophthalmologist team gathered experienced ophthalmologists, and has advanced ophthalmic equipment, committed to providing patient-centered international standards of service. Our team will provide the most professional and high-quality services for customized diagnosis

and treatment of such eye disease as dry eye, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease, we well as ophthalmic physical examination for adults and children.

In addition, Gleneagles hospital ophthalmology team also for diabetic eye disease early detection early, early diagnosis, early treatment escort; Provide ophthalmic examination and assessment for thyroid problems to prevent the occurrence and development of adverse complication;To provide comprehensive ophthalmic medical services for children’s eye health and development; to provide

comprehensive ophthalmic examination and eye care consultation services for people concerned with health.

Disease and symptom

lCataracts and refractive errors

lEyelid disease and eyelid surgery


lDiseases of lacrimal glands and ducts

lOcular surface disease and keratopathy

lOrbital disease

lStrabismus and amblyopia

lTrauma and emergency condition



lEye discomfort: itching, pain, foreign body sensation, tears, secretions, photophobia, double vision, visual fatigue, etc.

lRedness, protrusion, ocular mass or neoplasm, oblique eyes/eye inclined.


*This is not a complete list of all the conditions we treat and how we treat them. The above information is for reference only and is not considered medical advice. Please consult our professional physician for an accurate diagnosis before receiving and any treatment.

Treatment and Examination

lOptic examination

lIntraocular pressure) IOP

lEye position and eye movement

lField of view/horizon

lSlit lamp front section inspection

lLight reflex of pupils

lFundus (retinal) examination

lColor vision detection

lVisual acuity and visual field assessment

lScreening for glaucoma and dry eye