Prevention Healthcare

The department of preventive health care of Chengdu Gleneagles hospital, undertakes the important task of disease prevention and control, and health supervision. Disease prevention and control mainly includes disposal, health care of all hospital employees, prevention and control of infectious diseases, emergency treatment of public health urgent events, detection and evaluation of health hazards, health education and promotion, etc. Health supervision mainly focus on public health supervision and so on. At the same time, the department of preventive health care of Gleneagles hospital will also cooperate with relevant department to do a good job in citizen health education and health promotion.

Prevention first, preventive and treatment combined

l Vaccination: Operate in strict accordance with vaccination procedures and immunization programs.

l Communicable diseases control: Under the guidance of the administrative department of public health at the higher level, epidemic personnel carry out continuous management of infectious diseases in accordance with the law, including registration, report, disposal, epidemic monitoring and epidemic response.