Women's Healthcare

The Department of women’s health care, Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital, mainly focuses on perinatal health care, adolescent health care, prevention and treatment of women’s diseases, menopausal health care, women’s mental health, nutrition and their rehabilitation, etc. We are committed to providing international standard medical treatment for you and your family members. At Gleneagles, we always put the needs of client in the first place, with our care and diagnosis and treatment technology for every female client to provide a safe and comfortable medical experience.

Medical Team of women health care Department

The medical team of women health care department of Chengdu Gleneagles hospital provides comprehensive health care services for women for all ages. We fully understand the medical and health needs of female client, and provide personalized, matching and integrated services for you according to the various needs of each female at different age stages.

Services and treatment

         lPerinatal care

         lAdolescence Care

         lPrevention and treatment of women’s diseases

         lMenopause health care

         lWomen’s mental health

         lWomen’s nutrition

         lWomen rehabilitation

         lWomen’s comprehensive health management