Health Examination Department

The health examination department of Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital has carried out health examinations with significance in disease prevention and clinical practice depending on the comprehensive medical advantages of the hospital. We provide systemic health evaluations, physical examinations and medical guidance combined with world's leading medical facilities and equipment as well as the latest screening technologies in clinical practices, laboratory, and pathology, so as to discover diseases early and warn health risks. What's more, we provide a green channel from outpatient departments to inpatient regions for those who need further treatment.

Authoritative medical team

The deputy chief physician serves as the chief examiner to provide a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition and professional advice on the examination items. Examinations in gynecology, internal medicine, surgery, otolaryngology, and ophthalmology are all provided by doctors with rich clinical experience and high-level professional capacity. In addition, doctors will give medical advice.

Following international standards and guidelines

We will not provide excessive examinations but scientific and standardized screening for disease risks based on evidence-based medicine and international standard guidelines.

International leading precise equipment for examinations

We have reached strategic cooperation with Siemens, Philips, and GE, the world's three major medical brands. The hospital has introduced equipment with advanced technology, including MRI, CT, mammography, bone densitometer, and flagship four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.

Leading technology of clinical medical laboratory and pathology

Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital is equipped with medical examinations and related equipment worth 40 million yuan in accordance with the level of domestic large-scale tertiary hospitals. Our high-level team includes well-known national experts in the field of experimental medicine as the discipline leader, enabling us to provide more than 500 kinds of examinations.

Providing professional medical support

Gleneagles Hospital can provide medical support such as outpatient visits and inpatient treatments to achieve early diagnosis and early treatment.

We are able to perform examinations combined with diagnosis and treatment, such as painless gastrointestinal endoscopy during which lesions can be found and removed timely to avoid another operations; doctors will provide treatment advice during specialty examinations to ensure further diagnosis and management. 

  • Basic systemic health examination

  • Special health examination

  • In-depth health examination

  • People who pay high attention to privacy

  • Personal health examination/corporate health security services