IHH Healthcare

IHH Healthcare is a leading international provider 

of premium integrated healthcare services operating in the home 

markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India, China, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Sri Lanka and Brunei.

IHH in China

  • 2004

    IHH Healthcare introduced "ParkwayHealthbrand into China formally

  • 2006

    ParkwayHealth opened its first medical centre in Shanghai

  • 2007

    Purchase Credit Suisse AG in Shanghai

  • 2017

    Open Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital & Chengdu Shenton Health Clinic

  • 2019

    IHH opened its first general hospital in Southwest China – Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu

  • 2021

    Target opening of Gleneagles Hospital Shanghai in Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center.

IHH has been committed to building quality healthcare for 14 years, and the service network of Parkway Pantai in China has covered Shanghai, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Chengdu, etc.